Legislative Report - March 2021

The South Carolina General Assembly wrapped up the 2021 Legislative Session on May 13th. Notable legislation that passed through both chambers and of interest to SC Green members include COVID-19 Liability Legislation and Workforce/H-2B Visas as well as other industry-specific items such as regulations pertaining to the Asian Longhorned Beetle. Read the full legislative report from SC Green lobbyist Will Kinney.

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Quick Tips for Seasonal Color Success

It seems to happen around this time every year – clients begin calling and want to know when they can expect their flowers to be changed out. With over twenty years of experience in growing, selling, and installing seasonal color, Mark McGrady of Carolina Colorscapes and Colorscapes Supply Company offers tips on how to  combat the three most common issues he sees that prevent seasonal color success.

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Collecting Water Samples

Clemson University distributed a new publication on “Collecting Samples for Agricultural Irrigation Water Quality Testing.” While this article is primarily geared for producers, it also serves as a resource for landscapers troubleshooting plant and pesticide efficacy problems in a client’s yard. Knowledge about water quality is important, and this is a good time of year to collect a water sample.

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