2019 SC Green

Fall Field Day

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Event Overview

The SC Green Industry Association is excited to showcase the 16th Annual Fall Field Day on Wednesday, September 18, 2019 at Modern Turf, 2895 Edens Road in Dalzell, SC. The event included educational presentations, hands-on courses, equipment demonstrations, and networking with exhibitors throughout the day. Attendees also earned 2.5 SC Pesticide Applicator Credits.

2019 SC Green Fall Field Day Speakers

Sprayer Calibration Workshop

Cory Tanner

Clemson Extension Services

Spreader Calibration Workshop

Jackie Jordan

Clemson Extension Services

Diagnosis and Management of Nematode Issues in Turfgrass

Joseph “Joe” Roberts, PhD

Clemson University

Using Systemic Insecticides in your Operation Effectively

Juang “JC” Chong, PhD

Clemson University

Corrective Action Remediation

Terry Teate

Enviro-Test Services

Chainsaw Safety

Scott Martin

Husqvarna Group

Truck Maintenance

Sam Scarborough

Carolina International Trucks

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